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Innovation is the driving force behind Aero Mag. Since 1994, we have developed pioneering technologies in aircraft de-icing and glycol recycling through our research and development program. These advances could not have seen the light of day without an experienced team, determined to find innovative solutions to make Aero Mag a carbon-neutral company by 2035.


Marie-Élaine Lépine

On the place of women in aviation

Mario Lépine

On the past year and the year to come

Mike Bey

On recycling low concentration glycol

Shawn Ball

On health and safety in aviation

Stewart McIntosh

On climate change and the aviation industry

Joerg Sutter

On airport and tarmac design

Gabriel Lépine

On corporate social responsibility

Richard Nadeau

On the important changes in the aerospace industry

Patrick D'Ortun Blouin

On the maintenance of deicing trucks

Loubna Arkate

On recruiting and retention of staff in the deicing sector


Marie-Eve Benoit

When your eagerness to learn becomes a breeding ground for innovative solutions

Mark Vilcek

How an operations enthusiast went from producing frozen pizza to recycling glycol 

James Webb

When deicing runs through your veins

Sonya Cameron

How your love of people can elevate your team

Oscar Garcia

How determination can allow you to reach new heights

Mathieu Talbot

How de-icing experience can make you a better pilot

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