It is a known fact that the aviation industry has a major impact on climate change. Although our sector was hit very hard because of COVID-19, it gave us the opportunity to rethink our global impact and how to set ourselves up for a more sustainable future.

Innovation in the aviation industry is now focusing on how to preserve our planet, while allowing air travel across the globe. Personally, I wake up every morning looking to make the world a better place for my children and future generations.

At Aero Mag, we have the expertise and technology to safeguard the environment by recovering glycol, recycling it and reusing it on aircraft. We are making deicing green and helping our community get from point A to B in the most sustainable way possible.

Our priority is to ensure that people and goods fly safely. During the pandemic we realized the importance of our job as we were a crucial part in the supply chain. We played a role in delivering vaccines, supplies and first responders safely across the globe. 

During these difficult times, all Aero Mag employees have put in the effort to make sure that snow was removed, and aircraft were deiced in order for them to depart on time and avoid supply chain disruptions. That way, we were allowing for medical supplies to be transported in Canada and the United States. I am thankful for the dedication and hard work all aero mag teammates have put over these past two years.

By reducing the environmental footprint of glycol and preserving the health of communities, we are truly committed to corporate social responsibility. Sharing these environmental and social values with the Aero Mag family and partners will change our industry for the better!

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