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Aviation was one of the first sectors affected by the pandemic and one of the last to recover. Employers and employees have faced uncertainty, and their relationships have been profoundly transformed. With labor shortages, recruitment and retention of staff in the de-icing sector is becoming increasingly difficult. Employers, as well as human resources, must therefore continually innovate.

Innovation is part of Aero Mag's DNA, and our ways of doing business are constantly evolving. Prior to the pandemic, we had implemented work methods that facilitated the arrival of telecommuting and the hybrid model. This proactivity saved us a lot of time and energy, and allowed our team to continue working from home with the necessary technological support. Our administrative department continues to take full advantage of telecommuting to better balance their personal and professional lives.

At Aero Mag, the overall well-being of our team is a priority. That's why we offer annual health insurance coverage to our seasonal employees and their family members, to ensure their loyalty and their physical and mental health. We have a high retention rate for seasonal jobs. 

Our de-icing experts work in a unique environment where they have the opportunity to build a challenging career through our succession planning program. Supervisory vacancies are always offered internally first to allow employees to develop and advance their careers.

Our company has always been open to diverse profiles, and even more so today with the labor shortage in the de-icing field. Anyone qualified to do the job is considered in the hiring process, whether they are young, an immigrant or have a professional background in a field other than aviation. Our goal is to foster diversity and an inclusive work environment for all. 

After hiring, our recruits follow a theoretical training program, followed by practical training that takes place directly in the de-icing vehicles and in our facilities. Each employee's learning is supported by our experienced trainers. We look forward to welcoming our de-icing technicians for the 2022-2023 season!

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