When your eagerness to learn becomes a breeding ground for innovative solutions

The Portraits of Changemakers series focuses on visionary individuals who work at Aero Mag and who, every day, demonstrate a willingness to make a difference in the world. Among them, Marie-Eve Benoit, our Accounting Supervisor, stands out for her boundless curiosity.

Marie-Eve has contributed to the proper functioning of the accounting department at Aero Mag for more than 14 years and has recently been appointed to the position of Accounting Supervisor. “This is a new role so I’ll need to wear it out a bit! [laughs] It might take me a few years before I’ve learned everything from this new position.”

Reaching New Heights at Aero Mag

Since joining the Aero Mag family, Marie-Eve has gained experience through various roles. In the beginning, she proved herself as an Accounting Technician, before migrating to the payroll department as the company rapidly grew. Marie-Eve then took on the role of Team Lead - Accounting, before being promoted to her current position.

Her rise at Aero Mag can certainly be attributed to her desire to learn and her interest in drawing lessons from real cases coming her way. “I’ve always loved learning, but I was never crazy about academics. Being on the field, I was trained each step of the way and it allowed me to familiarize myself with the full process,” explains Marie-Eve. She enjoys working with real numbers and concrete situations, while also loving everything about accounting.

“I’m a very curious person, so when I don’t understand something, I always try to figure it out, or else I can’t get it out of my head,” she adds. In the day-to-day, she prefers to have her eyes on innovative solutions, rather than just seeing the problems ahead.

“If I’m problem-solving, I immediately go around the issue to find a solution. I’m someone who never admits to defeat, who will persevere in order to succeed.”

Persevering people like Marie-Eve are exactly what it takes to ensure the success of an innovative company known for its advances in de-icing. “You don’t get bored at Aero Mag! It’s an ever-evolving company. It’s appealing to me because we’re always innovating, developing new processes… There’s always a lot of new things to learn!,” sums up Marie-Eve.

As a matter of fact, her team is currently working on implementing a brand-new accounting software. This project is another opportunity for Marie-Eve to acquire new skills, even after more than a decade with us: “Frankly, it’s pretty intense! [laughs] I had never experienced it before.” Among other things, this new system will further reduce the use of paper in her department.

The Team Spirit to Rise Together

Beyond innovation, Aero Mag is also a company where a family spirit is felt across all departments, including Marie-Eve’s: “Aero Mag is a family business. We share a strong bond with the people we work with.” She considers herself a real team player who knows when to delegate and who enjoys helping others.

“When I get to the office, my priority is to check if my team needs me, if I can help them with anything, and then I start working my way through my to-do list. It’s important for me to be there for them.”

For the longest time, Marie-Eve was the youngest person in the accounting department, and while things are starting to change, she still feels young at heart: “There are new people coming in and they’re all younger than me, which is weird. In my mind, I’m still the youngest!” Something tells us that her endless curiosity has something to do with it. 

Marie-Eve’s eagerness to learn is a breeding ground for innovative solutions, but she isn’t the only changemaker at Aero Mag! Stay tuned for the upcoming Portraits of Changemakers.

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